Adding & Configuring Email Accounts in cPanel

Adding a new Email Account

1) Navigate to your domains cPanel. (ex.

2) Locate the Email Section within cPanel:

Email Section within cPanel

3) Select the Email Accounts button:
Email Accounts

4) You will see a form to create a new Email Account. Fill this form with all relevant information. If you cannot come up with a secure password, use the Password Generator and note down the generated password. Setting a mailbox quota here is important so that spam does not have the ability to use up all of your storage. If you do not know what to set this to, just leave it default.

New Email Form

5) After creating an email address, you will find it below in the section labeled Email Accounts. From here you can change the password, access webmail from your browser, or configure the account in an email program or application. The email is created successfully. Continue in the steps if you need to configure this account within an email application.

Created Email Account

6) To start configuration of the Email Account, select the link labelled Set Up Mail Client. You will be shown a configuration table like the one below, listing preconfigurations for certain mail applications. If your mail application is listed here, select the blue link to download the configuration, and run it once downloaded. Otherwise, the link will give you specific instructions on how to set up the account in the mail application of your choice. 

Email Configurations

If you do not see the application listed, you will need to do a manual configuration. Scroll down further on this page to see the section labelled Mail Client Manual Settings:

Manual Email Setup

Enter the information provided within your mail application settings to configure your email account. Use the SSL Settings whenever possible. 

Authentication is required for Incoming and Outgoing Servers.

If you followed these directions correctly, congratulations! Your email account is now set up. If these directions did not solve your problem, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket and get in contact with us immediately.
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